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I’m a rotter.

My wife and I just finished watching Paranormal Activity 2 and are about to watch the third movie in the series. During the little break we had between films, I managed to tie some embroidery thread around her bedside lamp, around the headboard of our bed and I have the other end handy, in readiness for me to tug at the right moment during the film.
I’ll probably end up in the dog house for this but really can’t help myself!

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Anonymous asked: You are fucking hot as hell. Just wanted to let you know.

That was a lovely comment to wake up to, thank you! It set me up nicely for the busy day I had! :)

that link might be of use to you! Pahahhahahahaha!!! :D

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Building Bridges

After a rift in my family, I’d not seen my parents for the best part of ten years. Recently my father got in touch to inform me that my mother had terminal cancer. Since that point, I’d been in better contact with them and had travelled the 400 mile round trip to visit on a handful of occasions. I managed to build some bridges before the inevitable; my mother passed away on the 28th of August.

Tomorrow (the 22nd September) is the day of her funeral and I’m heading down with my wife to say my last goodbyes. I’m full of dread about the event as it’ll be at this point that it all becomes real to me. Up until now I feel as though I’ve had my head in the sand, I’ve managed to block-out the reality that I’ll not see my dear mum again.

The reason I write this post is to urge any of you who’ve had a similar experience of a family rift to make that effort- no matter how difficult it may seem- to rebuild bridges with those you’ve lost contact with. I’m grateful I had a chance to let my mum know I’m doing okay in life, and to make amends after all those years lost. If I’d left it much later, I would be feeling an awful lot worse than I am already.

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