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Anonymous asked: You look dapper in your shirt and tie.

Why thank you! Very kind of you to say so :)

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Stunning plugs.. She is adorable..


Lovely plugs from Omerica Organic <3

I love the fact that they can look brown, yellow or green depending on the light

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tat-man asked: so i have been wanting my wetline tattooed for awhile but all the artists around here wont do it because they say it causes a bunch of eye problems and it heals all weird (the color). being you have done it is any of that true? whats your experience been with it? thanks man..

Heya, thanks for your question!

No, no issues whatsoever having the wet line of my eyes tattooed. I can only imagine those artists aren’t confident at tattooing such a sensitive part.

I used a hand-poke method with a 3 round tattoo needle and a high quality tattoo ink. Sure it was a little sore, plenty of watering of my eyes but more than bearable.

Healing was a bit uncomfortable- felt like I had grit in my eyes for about four days but after that, no issues whatsoever. The ink stayed in, they still look black as the day they were done and my eyesight in perfect.

I think using a machine would be considerably more traumatic for the area- the multiple, fast, hard reciprocating action of the needles from a machine is far more brutal than slow, steady hand-poked ink insertion.

I hope this helps answer your question- hit me back if you have any more to ask :)

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xephyrethecracked asked: You probably get this. A lot. In the tongue splitting procedure is there ever any anesthetic? Or do they just go straight to it? The blade seems very sharp and it goes quick and smooth. What would you say the worst part of getting your tongue split is?

Hello, thanks for your question. No, no anaesthetic was used for my tongue split- the pain wasn’t so severe. I explained a few posts ago how I did it but I’ll happily explain again.

I was rather foolish and split my own tongue. I’d conducted an awful lot of research on the matter and had decided on the tie-off method. To explain, in case you’re not aware, the tie-off method is when you start with a central tongue piercing, stretch this over a long period of time (mine was 5mm), insert a piece of nylon thread through the stretched hole and tie-off the loop at the tip of your tongue. Each day, you’re supposed to tighten the thread and eventually the thread cuts through until your tongue is split (after a matter of weeks).

I started doing this and after about a day, my tongue became severely swollen and I was unable to cut out the thread in order to re-thread and tighten. In fact, the pain of this was severe- at this point I wanted to abort the project but wasn’t able to remove the thread. I spent a lot of time trying to pick at the thread but it was completely hidden amongst the swelling. This pain was pretty much unbearable.

At this point, in desperation, I took a sterile single-use scalpel and started to gently cut at the tip of my tongue. My intention was to cut the line but in doing so, I invariably cut the tip. This released an enormous amount of pressure and in fact stopped the pain I was in. Seeing as it had the reverse effect for the levels of pain, I continued to cut until I had reached the stretched piercing hole and the split was complete.

I used sterile bandages and compression to stop the blood flow and managed to do so within a few hours. Not the most pleasant of moments, sat in my room with a mouthful of bandages, squeezing my tongue.

For about a week after, I just felt like I had a flu- my glands were swollen and my throat was sore, but after that, the pain subsided and I’d successfully split my tongue.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend doing this serious modification on yourself. Looking back I realise how fortunate I was to avoid more serious consequences.

I hope I’ve helped at least a little in answering your questions. Please do drop me another line if you’d like to know anything else :)